As a Scottish Charity and a non-profit organisation, fund-raising remains key to our project's future. Every donation, no matter how small, contributes to the work we do.

The anticipated capital cost of the St Margaret’s Project is approximately £2.2 million. Funding is expected from a range of sources including the Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Scotland, charitable trusts and private benefactors; however our team of volunteers and trustee members still need to work hard to promote ticket sales to continue to deliver our ambitious and high-calibre programme of 16 performances and 3 exhibitions a year. We strive to keep a range of our events accessible to everyone with a mix of free and charged admissions.

There are a range of ways in which you could support us in our ongoing restoration and development of St. Margaret’s into an internationally renowned performance, arts and heritage centre in the heart of the Cairngorm's and Aberdeenshire.

If you feel you would like to help us by donating a one-off sum of any value you wish, please click the button below. We are very grateful for your support.




What do we spend it on?

St. Margaret's pot of money gets spent on various outgoings, from creating a diverse and high-quality programme, to the ongoing and constant restoration of the church to it's former glory. We appreciate your help to keep world-renowed artists visiting and performing at our small village of Braemar, to keep hosting school and community workshops and to continue to educate and promote Braemar and the Cairngorm's as the welcoming and stunningly beautiful destination that it is.